University of Lyon Professors congratulate Konstantinos Giotis for his contribution in Hair Restoration Training

Professor Yves Crassas and Professor Ali Mojallal congratulate Konstantinos Giotis for his contribution in Hair Restoration Training Yves Crassas MD, PhD is Full Professor of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is Member of the French Society of Aesthetic Surger, the National Union of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and ISAPS Internaional Society of American…


New DHI clinic in Panama!

New DHI Global Medical Group clinic in Panama and a cover story issued on one of the most successful monthly magazines of the country entitled: “Not only did I bring DHI to Panama, I am also a satisfied customer. I am a DHI MAN!” With 58 clinics around the world, DHI is the largest and…


The Secrets of a Good Haircut

Our DNA is responsible for everything about us and it makes us who we are. According to Carmelo Guastella, grooming is no exception and a good haircut is the DNA of good grooming. Once a man has a good haircut he has a blueprint of a personalized look which will suit him exactly, according to…


Academy Masters Meeting 2015

  The 22nd DHI Academy Masters Meeting ended yesterday and it was a great success! More than 150 University professors, physicians and hair specialists from all across the globe gathered in Sounio, Greece. During the two days of the meeting were presented and discussed the latest developments in hair loss treatments and the future innovations in hair restoration. The detailed…


What are the hair loss causes?

Several  factors affecting both genders contribute to hair loss: scalp bacteria, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, and genetic baldness are at the top of the list. The Hair Loss Causes In many cases, hair loss may be caused by a combination of these factors but genetic pattern baldness is by far the most dominant factor, accounting for nearly…


What is the life cycle of hair?

  The production of hair is not continuous but cyclic. The growth phase (Anagen) is succeeded through a transitional phase of regression (Catagen), by the rest phase (Telogen), and the cycle is preserved. During the relatively long Anagen phase (lasts for 1,000 days, i.e. 2- 5 years), the matrix cells divide, become keratinized and hair…


What is my norwood class?

The need of classifying the progression of hair loss and alopecia is not only obvious, but also decisive for the communication between specialists. Most importantly, depending on the stage of alopecia that Norwood-Hamilton Scale of Male Pattern Baldness 23 The Anatomy of Hair Follicle the patient is in, classification systems serve as a foundation, enabling…


Facts about Hair Loss

The production of hair is not continuous one, but instead occurs in cycles. The growth phase is known as Anagen, followed by the transitional, regressive phase Catagen, and then the resting phase of Telogen. During the relatively long Anagen phase, which lasts for 1,000 days or 2-5 years, the matrix cells divide, become keratinized, and hair is produced.…


George Kottaridis interview on

George Kottaridis, Head of Clinical Development at DHI London, Glasgow and Manchester speaks to about the company that revolutionized hair transplantation, giving thousands of people a beautiful appearance and confidence. The full article from is following. DHI: The Greek “revolution” in the field of hair restoration George Kottaridis talks about the company, the…


DHI now at Harrods Urban Retreat Spa

We are pleased to announce the signing of a very important agreement between DHI Global Medical Group and ‘Harrods’ department store in London. In a few days, a consulting DHI Branch will be operating on the 5th floor of Harrods in London  Pay a visit at Urban Retreat in Harrods and consult with a DHI trained expert…


Tuffers is loving his new locks!

Thanks to DHI Global, a world leading hair restoration clinic that provides top quality and natural results, former English cricketer and television personality Phil Tufnell has had his confidence restored! During his thirties Phil, now 47, started to loose hair around his temples, and after finding out there was a way to cure baldness, he…


Tuffers is chuffed six weeks on….

It’s just six weeks since Phil Tufnell underwent a Direct Hair Implantation session at the renowned DHI Global Medical Centre in London, one of the world’s most advanced and leading clinics in hair restoration procedures.   Earlier today Phil tweeted a ‘selfie’ from The Cheltenham Festival and is clearly pleased with the results so far……


Hair Loss in Women

Women are likely to be proactive in matters affecting their health, appearance and self-image. Good nutrition, regular exercise, regularly scheduled personal and professional physical examinations and knowledge of her own body are all part of a woman’s unwillingness to accept preventable or treatable shortcomings of health and appearance.


New DHI clinics

We would like to welcome 5 more clinics to the DHI Global family.

DHI Munich, DHI Italy, DHI Kuwait and DHI Philippines will soon start their operations.


Male Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is likely to occur at any point between late teenage years and age 40-50. In general, those who begin losing hair in the second decade are more likely to experience severe hair loss. In some men, initial male-pattern hair loss may be delayed until the late third to fourth decade.


Alopecia Types

There are several types of male and female alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is an extremely common disorder that affects roughly 50% of men and perhaps as many women above the age of 40 years. Reportedly, as many as 13% of premenopausal women experience androgenetic alopecia.


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