The Prevention Programme

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With the diagnosis completed we will be equipped to proceed to The Prevention Programme. The information gathered will identify which parts of our programme best address your specific needs

Choosing the right combination of treatments and therapies will help you protect the hair you have.

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    DHI Alopecia Test

    The Alopecia Test will have set the baseline from which we can judge success, the point at which your journey begins.

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    Psychological Test

    The Psychological Test will have determined if support from our specialist psychologists is appropriate.

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    DNA Test

    The DNA Test will have determined how it is that DHI’s comprehensive range of tonics, lotions and shampoos can help

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    Protein Test

    The Protein Test will have enabled our nutritionist to advise on how you can enhance your current diet with food that is rich in anti- oxidants.

In all these ways we create a tailor made programme of solutions which holistically responds to all your tests

In addition to the programme we also recommend a supplementary procedure: Platelet Rich Plasma  – PRP

Highly regenerative plasma is extracted from a small sample of your blood and injected to strengthen follicles and stimulate your scalp.

It takes less than an hour is proven to assist the longevity and potency of your follicles

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