How much does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplantation is an innovative medical procedure which, when performed by certified physicians in the field, gives a permanent solution to hair loss. It improves not only the patient’s appearance, but their self-confidence as well. By contrast, a failed hair transplant exaggerates the problem by only providing a temporary solution, at best. While the initial investment might seem quite low, the long-term effects of having to reinvest and the burden of frustration are far more detrimental to the patient’s overall well-being.

With 48 years of experience and 66 centers worldwide, DHI Global Medical Group is the largest and most experienced medical team in hair restoration and the treatment of scalp disorders. It is the only one which ensures 100% natural results and maximum viability with every procedure. In each of our DHI centers, hair transplants are performed exclusively by experienced and certified physicians trained at the Hair Restoration Academy in London. This is the only hair restoration academy worldwide with rigorous certification protocols applied through every step of the process. At DHI, our patient’s safety and success are of utmost importance. With this as our top priority, we have attracted patients from all over the world and gained their trust through the consistent and incomparable quality of our procedures.

DHI formulates the final cost of the hair transplant according to the exact number of hairs extracted and implanted, rather than the grafts. This is the most honest way of determining a cost that is unique to each client. Unlike many other clinics, we never separate or shred the hair follicles to maintain their integrity. Our procedures begin at  £3,000 and, from there, are adapted according to the needs and advancement of hair loss present in each patient. We understand how important the cost is to our clients, but we believe it’s essential to evaluate a number of other criteria first before figuring this in to your final decision. Your choice should be a lifetime investment that you make without any doubts regarding the outcome.